Hostels I Recommend

The Dreamer Hostel- Santa Marta and Palomino, Colombia

Great kitchen in Santa Marta, Nice bar, Pool and Staff at both. Palomino Dreamer is right next to the beach and looks like a resort for only $12 a night.

Pit Stop Hostel- Medellin, Colombia

Great staff, beautiful neighborhood, nice pool and kitchen.

Koala Inn- Pasto, Colombia

Inexpensive, nice neighborhood and great breakfast (for $3)

El Cafecito- Quito, Ecuador

The award for best Hostel owner goes to Tony at Cafecito. Extremely knowledgeable friendly and exceptionally fun and interesting. Down side is there is no Kitchen for guests but the food is delish.


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Tours/Activities I Recommend

Sail Colombia to Panama (or vice versa)

Best way to disconnect and relax. The first 2 days from Colombia are a bit rough as it is straight sailing (don’t forget sea sickness pills) but after that its smooth sailing (literally). Manfred and Petra on the Mintaka are perfect captains and keep you fed very very well. This is not a party boat and only fits 8 travelers. Perfect for a nice calm trip.

Paragliding in Medellin, Colombia

Fantastic city to float above, breathtaking views. Easily accessible by bus and most hostels can book for you

Dracaena Amazon Tours with Nikki Lodge Ecuador

$300 for 5 days/4 nights. Guide speaks fluent english, food was always good, exciting activities to fill up your days, plus some down time when you want.

Zip line in Mindo, Ecuador

Only $20 for 10 Zip Lines that will get the heart racing. Add another $5 and hike up and down to the 5 gorgeous waterfalls nearby