Sweet as New Zealand, Sweet as!

Trying my luck hitchin

What else is there to say about New Zealand other than holy epic country. This place is just to damn rad. I don’t think there’s even one bit of the country that isn’t absolutely gorgeous. Lush green mountains, vineyards, beaches. What more could you want? Being that I only spent 3 weeks in kiwi country […]


Everyday as a traveler you have to make trivial decisions. Should I take this tour or that one, dorm room or private, eat out or cook. Choosing what countries to go to, whether or not to get a job, pick up a travel relationship etc. Then sometimes you have real choices to make. The hard ones […]

Cuba, Land of Communism and Classic Cars

Pretending we get to drive it

Cuba is most definitely one of the strangest places I have been and the hardest to wrap my brain around. I’ve never been anywhere else that raised so many questions for me. Part of this is the fact that there is hardly any internet available so I can’t google every random thought that pops up […]