72 Hours in Presevo

Most of our team ready to go!

Our team of volunteers spent last weekend at the border of Serbia and Macedonia passing out food and supplies to refugees. We are not a formal non-profit and none of us are life long humanitarians. We are simply 9 individuals that stumbled upon the situation and decided we need to help. Our operation is led by a […]

Backpacking for Good in Serbia

Hummer full of food to deliver!

Last Summer, I found myself backpacking around Serbia.  My travel plans to Serbia happened to coincide with the massive wave of refugees who were fleeing war and persecution in places like Syria and Afghanistan.  They were camping out in the parks in Belgrade.  You couldn’t miss them. I kept asking myself, “Why doesn’t anyone DO […]

The Balkans

Which glasses do you choose?

I’ve been trying to write a post about my time in The Balkans for weeks now and keep running into the same problem. Which side do I talk about? I am so conflicted about my feelings here because it is such a conflicting place. Some people say the word Balkan is derived from the Turkish words […]

Back to Belgrade

Brother and Sister waiting to continue the journey to Germany.

In July I stepped off the bus in Belgrade for the first time. Immediately I was greeted with a park full of people. Hundreds of people. I had no idea at that moment that they were refugees from the Middle East, mostly Syria. I’d been bouncing around Europe for nearly 4 months at this point and […]

A Week in Tirana!

The Pyramid of Tirana

I’m not typically a fan of cities but sometimes you come across one that is so interesting you can’t help but love it. Tirana, Albania is one of those places. Here are some highlights of the city: All about the currency Lets start off with one of the best parts of Albania, its dirt cheap!! […]