My Tour of San Francisco!

Over the last year I’ve given tips here and there for travelers heading to San Francisco. I finally realized I should write out the tour I’d take friends on if I was at home. So if you have a few days to spend in the beautiful city by the bay definitely add some of these places […]

A few days in the UK

Cheeeeese! Tourists with the Tower Bridge behind us

In my last post I wrote all about how to save money and live on a budget as a backpacker. My trip to the UK throws all that advice out the window. Sometimes even the thriftiest backpacker needs a bit of pampering. To start my trip I took a ferry and train combo from Dublin, […]

The Baltics

The colors of Estonia!

Going across Europe by bus gives the opportunity to go through places that I never planned. The 3 countries that make up the Baltics are a perfect example. The only thing I knew about any of these is hearing the name Estonia in the classic ’90s movie Encino Man. So basically, I knew nothing.  To […]

Mother Russia

St Basils Cathedral

The first few days in Russia were pretty much exactly what I anticipated of the country. Cold weather, cold people and cold vodka. Add a tough case of jet lag and it wasn’t exactly a fun time. Staying up til 9 am and sleeping til 6, not the best way to get to know a […]